Jaqueline Viana, also a contributor in the Brazilian Magazine – Revista Mundo 360 will participate on October 26, 2017 in one of the biggest Virtual Reality Festivals (VR) in the World – VR Days in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where she will present: “Give me your BIS – a short film filmed in 360º. It is not only a VR film besides a manifesto that proposes the reflection of organ donation.

Jaqueline explains that she thought of “… your BIS” (excerpt from the song “Pro dia Nascer Feliz” do Cazuza) to metaphorize the continuity of life.

The production had a special moment that the director officialized an application and obtained the authorization of a hospital to record a transplant and it presents in the short, a heart being removed from the dead body of a boy of 14 years who committed suicide and his family consented the donation of all its organs and tissues. *

This project was attended by friends of Jaqueline who moved by the cause, assisted and performed the production outside of studios and didn’t count on expensive equipment, only with the resources of her and the goodwill of the people, professionals and institutions involved that also decided help and work in knowing the director’s conception.

Enthusiast of Virtual Reality, Jaqueline already had the trip scheduled for the Festival and decided to take the film to compete in 3 categories:

  • Best Upcoming Talent;
  • Best for the Soul; and
  • Best Narrative Fictional Experience

The winners will be announced at the VR Days 2017 Night Award on Thursday, October 26, 2017.


Check out the Teaser * and Movie Synopsis:

* To view in the optimal resolution, change in the Youtube player settings the quality option: 4K.



Give me your Bis (2017)

A Manifesto About Organs Donation in Virtual Reality

When the importance of life is understood at the time of death there is still hope of continuation and when this continuity through a generous act of bestowal allows that an art to be contemplated, we have the purpose of human existence. Guto wants his father, Paulo, (who is sentenced by a heart disease) interpret the Brazilian singer – Cazuza. Paulo’s wife, Fernanda, suffers with her husband’s possible death and the arrival of her baby, but an accident will promote a fresh start.

Stars: Luana Wernik, Renato Azambuja, Mateus Masson

Director: Jaqueline Viana

Edition and Sound Design: Bruno Ferreira

Screenplay: Érica Campos, Jaqueline Viana

Genre: Short, Drama

Country: Brazil

Language: Portuguese, English

Runtime: 5min (approx)

Release Dates: Netherlands, 26 October 2017 (VR Days Europe, 2017)


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