Ready Player One… The VR Crystal Ball

By Polo Lam, Global Marketing Assistant at GAZ VR & editor of revista Mundo360

In my last article, I demonstrated how normal people like us can create 360 content without breaking your bank. Now, I want to persuade you to believe in the VR story to get you ready and prepared for the future.

Ready Player One

First of all, Ready Player One is a must read book for VR doubters and Enthusiast. This book gives us an insight 30 years into the future and how VR will be part of our lives. After reading this book myself, I can guarantee you Cline has predicted the future, maybe with his crystal ball.

The biggest example of how his book and real life have matched up against each other is Oculus. Oculus developed Oculus Rift (VR headset), and they began near the same time as the book was published in 2011. Within the world of the book, VR headsets are ubiquitous, much like smartphones today. People would put on their headsets and enter the VR world called Oasis where you can go to school or meet up with friends. Today, using the Oculus Rift, we can enter a VR world called AltspaceVR and hangout with friends, watch comedy shows from another country or simply play games. This is only one example of how the VR industry is advancing at this very second and may prove the book to be true many years earlier than predicted. Currently, this book is being adapted into a film by Steven Spielberg therefore, if you are not a book fan, you can watch the film very soon.

VR Industry Today

Here we have an an example of how we would look if we applied some of the technology onto one person. In Ready Player One, there are VR stations on the streets very similar to VR cafes of today where you pay to enter VR. Inside, there will be VR rigs of different quality and in this picture shows what a VR rig would look like.

VUE VR Treadmill — Mimics walking/ running movement in different angles

Cerevo VR Shoes — Haptic feedback to your feet giving you sense of touch

Skinterface — Full body movement tracking and haptic feedback

Manus VR Gloves — Hand Tracking for interactions

MSI Backpack — portable computer to power the VR world

Feel Real— Sensation of smell, heat, wind, water and vibration

HTC Vive— Headset to see the stimulated world


If you are interested or have doubts about VR, I really recommend Ready Player One as a starter pack. With this book and my knowledge, I hope I have persuaded you to believe that VR is already here and is growing fast.

Next article, we are going to learn about VR and its current application within different industries. It will present you with a broad view of the value VR can bring to the world.

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Thanks for reading!

(Polo Lam, Global Marketing Assistant @GAZ VR)

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