Most Of Us Don’t Understand Virtual Reality: Let’s change that now!

By Polo Lam, Global Marketing Assistant at GAZ VR & editor of revista Mundo360

Despite all the hype this year around VR, most of us don’t get it. I was shocked when people asked me: ‘how has VR got to do with business?’ I believe there are two simple reasons:

  1. Nobody is caring to share their knowledge to us normal people!
  2. Experts are making it so complicated!

From how I see it, we can stop bothering with VR if nobody understand what it is. SO I am here to play a part in spreading some knowledge.

Differentiate 360 and VR

Firstly, 360 videos/images on Facebook and YouTube are different to Virtual Reality. It is like a cousin of VR with many similarities. 360 videos/images are images shot by multiple cameras at different angles which forms a spherical shaped content. It is usually done with a monoscopic camera rig in which ´mono´ means each angle of the spherical image is shot by one camera. Also, you cannot interact with the environment of the content. For example Eyes on Gigi Hadid by BMW. This is a prime example of commercial application using 360 content.

VR is similar in terms of its spherical shape. However, it involves a stereoscopic camera rig in which ‘stereo’ means each angle is shot by two cameras. This can create a sensation of depth and makes your brain feel like you are inside the content. In addition, we can usually interact with the environment. For example , The Brookhaven Experiment. Of course, it requires one of the VR headsets which I have kindly laid out for you at the bottom.

Quick Summary of VR


Here are 4 VR news sites you can use to get updated:

VR Scout

Upload VR

Focus VR

Road to VR

Next article, we are going to learn and compare the main VR headsets so you can make a better choice before jumping into the VR world.

Thanks for reading!

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