The World Of VR: Where Are We Now?

By Polo Lam, Global Marketing Assistant at GAZ VR & editor of revista Mundo360

Happy New Year everyone! Here is my 2016 review around the excitement of Virtual Reality (VR).

The first glimpse of VR technology dated back to the 1990s when Nintendo first introduced its ‘Virtual Boy’ headset. Of course, the computing power simply wasn’t enough to generate contents for any practical application. Within 20 years, this has changed with the adoption of mobile technology and the demand for faster and more practical hardware. This has led to a better landscape for the development of VR for mass adoption. The most notable event was in 2014, when Facebook acquired Oculus VR for $2bn. The investment in itself signalled the beginning of a new era for VR. Today, we have seen the likes of HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, PSVR and Xiaomi VR all jumping into the bandwagon.

Although not everyone is optimistic about the future of VR, I remain positive. In just one year, I have seen enough skeptics changed their views after putting on a VR headset. I do not doubt that there are many challenges ahead including the price, content availability and practicality for consumers. However, with the advances already made since 2015, I believe we will reach the mass market within 5 years.

Overall, I see VR similar to astronomy. We are the scientist exploring the universe of VR. Whilst we have made great leaps, nobody can imagine where it can go.

What are you thoughts about VR in 2016?

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